harrystyles: Strong.

   Harry has done a lot of obvious stuff in the past but MAN THIS HAS TO BE THE WILDEST SHIT HE'S EVER DONE. This is not the usual lyrics that can be twisted in their meaning,this is a fucking picture everyone can see it there is literally no room for interpretation!!! And on the bullshit anniversary no less..I'm grabbing a glass of wine while I wait for people in denial to explain this


I know he’s done a lot of obvious things, but this takes top prize. THIS ONE WINS. A picture of two guys. In matching outfits. With the caption strong. Just. Strong. That’s it. You literally can’t misinterpret it though I’m sure there will be tons of reachers who will. It makes zero sense out of context! Harry is so ready. I don’t know if I am though!


people think that everything harry does is coincidental. he’s so smart, he knows exactly what he’s doing


lemme take you on a magical journey some like to call “larry stylinson”


the tale of two platonic dude pals whose friendship was cruelly destroyed by gay rumours 

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spot the difference

Fandom: *speculates about Harry and Louis interactions*
1DHQ: You continue to ruin their friendship with your gay rumors!
Fandom: *speculates about Niall and Julian getting cozy in a vine video*
Niall: LOL
Julian: *Matthew McConaughey voice* alright, alright, alright


i saw this and spiralled



harry has been tied up on multiple occasions, he has crossdressed more than a few times, he allows his band members to use him in every which way possible, he went completely slack and stuck his tongue out when louis grabbed his jaw, and his tattoo artist said even when he gets tattoos in the most painful places he is completely fine and the pain doesn’t bother him ok i don’t know where i’m going with this but listen because it’s important





In case you were wondering a decent way for gay rumours to be handled…. Have you checked niall’s twitter? Worth a follow.

ashleyematthews: Harry styles just shoved a cupcake in @emilycgordon ‘s face. Then paid our bar tab.